NISSAN places at present advertisements for the Nissan Primera, which show jumping dolphins and declares thereby:


  Given that ten thousands of "highly intelligent" dolphins are slaughtered by Japan and the scandalous killing of many hundreds of protected whales is continued by JAPAN, we postulate:

"Japanese Intellect Destroys Intelligent Life!"

Pictures from the fishmarket in Tokio

Please, also read:

From 1963 through 1999 , the Japanese Gouvernment allowed the fishermen of Japan to slaughter 668.393 dolphins

Japan coast guard braces for whaling meeting



Address for your protest: 

Nissan Motor Deutschland GmbH,  Renault - Nissan Str. 6,    50319 Brühl

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Letter from  ECOP- marine to  NISSAN

Nissan Motor Deutschland GmbH
Renault-Nissan Str. 6
D-50319 Brühl



Ladies and Gentlemen,

ECOP-marine, the European Community On Protection of marine life, stands for the protection of all marine life.

Having seen your latest advertisement campaign concerning the NISSAN Primera,
we noticed with satisfaction that your company recognizes the high intellect in marine mammals.

But that specifically a leading Japanese company chooses a slogan like: "Intelligence attracts intelligence!" is very provoking.

Internationally Japan is recognized as whale killer Number One. The mass slaughter of dolphins at the shores of Japan as well as the internationally decried killings of protected whales by Japan provide significant proof that Japan does treat intelligent marine mammals with highest disregard.

For the first time the International Whaling Commission (IWC) will hold its conference in Tokyo / Japan. Reports from the preliminary talks, which we received, provide enough evidence to fear the worst might happen. Japan seems to try by all means to bring down the internationally agreed anti whaling moratorium and to block any measures to protect the smaller whale species like dolphins.

ECOP-marine stands firmly against all this. Also many governments show openly their embarrassment against the Japanese plans to continue the slaughter of the whales. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany declared such clearly and also the governmental representatives of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and of many other states declared that they have no understanding concerning the whale killings.

The German Minister for Consumer Protection, Mrs. Renate Künast, expressed her deep concern and is seriously disillusioned due to the present behaviour of the Japanese Governance. A declaration by her ministry criticizes sharply the Japanese plans, who go against the international moratorium for the protection of whales and try to kill this year 150 Minke Whales, 50 Bryde’s Whales, 10 Sperm Whales and for the first time even 50 Sei Whales.

If the commercial slaughter of whales will be resumed again, it is anticipated that all whale protection organizations will call for an international boycott of Japanese products and services world-wide.

Also as members of the Global Whale Alliance we ask NISSAN Germany for a clear statement concerning these topics. Please let us know until the 01. May 2002 which steps your company and/or NISSAN as transnational corporation has/will take(n) to stop any further slaughter of the small whales and dolphins in Japan and to refute any attempt by Japan to return to the commercial killing of whales - also in order to not loose face in front of your own advertisement campaign.

Please be informed that we are already reporting on the Internet about NISSAN with regards to its present advertisement campaign: (

We understand that you would agree to describe NISSAN as a corporation, which does not support the protection of dolphins and whales and which shares the opinion of the Government of Japan concerning all whaling issues, if we - against all expectation - would not receive your answer in time.

We also requested other corporations or companies, which have their roots in Japan, for similar statements.

During the IWC conference in Tokyo, we will report about the responses we received and will dispatch our respective findings to the media and animal rights groups world-wide.

We like to notify you that we will publish your response as well as a possible
neglect of our request world-wide


Hans-Jürgen Duwe

phone: +49-(0)160 914 498 15