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‘Acidification’ May Push Already Over-Stressed Oceans into the Red 3 December 2010 -- Rising C02 Concentrations Could Have Increasing Impacts on Key Fisheries and the Billions Depending Upon Them.


NEWS 2008

Shark Fin Demand Pushes 11 Species Near Extinction                  May 22, 2008 -- Overfishing driven in part by an insatiable appetite for shark-fin soup has threatened 11 species of the ocean-dwelling predators with extinction, according to a report released on Thursday.

Corruption in Africa’s Marine Fisheries                                        Date: 2008 - - Africa’s oceans are facing a profound crisis. In many, if not most African countries commercial fishing is causing a dramatic decline in marine bio-diversity. It is no longer sensationalist to claim that in the space of a single generation, large areas of the oceans that once contained spectacular wildlife and ecosystems will be virtually empty.

Japan denies shooting anti-whaler in clash                                March 7, 2008 - SYDNEY (Reuters) - A hardline anti-whaling activist, Sea Shepherd captain Paul Watson, said he was shot during a clash with Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean on Friday, but survived because he was wearing a Kevlar vest.

Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson Survives Shooting Attempt in Antarctica 07. March 2008 - Today around 3:45pm Australian Eastern Standard Time in the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone of Antarctica, an attempt was made on the life of Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepherd vessel Steve Irwin.

Bjork backs Tibetan independence during Shanghai concert like she did for the Faroes  Monday, March 03, 2008 - Shanghai - Icelandic pop singer Bjork backed independence for Tibet during her concert on Sunday in Shanghai. She called out "Tibet! Tibet!" followed by the songs line 'Raise your flag!' to end a passionate performance of her song "Declare Independence"

U.N. says world fisheries face collapse                                             February 22, 2008 - MONACO (Reuters) - A deadly combination of climate change, over-fishing and pollution could cause the collapse of commercial fish stocks worldwide within decades, said Achim Steiner, head of the United Nations Environment Program.

Taste for fins puts shark on danger list                                             February 18, 2008 - The scalloped hammerhead shark, one of the ocean’s most distinctive and iconic species, is to be declared endangered because of the impact of over-fishing to feed a burgeoning market for shark fins in China.

OPERATION 2008 IS 'TAGGING' - WHALE SHARKS BY SATELLITE!  In conjunction with the East African Whale Shark Trust and generous donors in Watamu - 15.Feb. 2008 - Kenya Coast is hosting the two week "Whale Shark Expedition 2008" - which promises to be a ground-breaking, history-making adventure in research and education.

Illegal international fishing impoverishes local fishermen        CONAKRY , 13 February 2008 (IRIN) - The livelihoods of local fishermen are increasingly threatened by the many industrial trawlers from Europe, China, Korea and Russia, which often operate illegally in Guinea's once-abundant waters.


Okinawa Begins Dolphin Hunts AFTER 20 YEARS                    13.02.2008 - ACTION ALERT: Nago, Okinawa hunted dolphins 20 years ago but stopped when the town received bad publicity. The city has started the practice again.


ECOP-marine - Investigative reporting into the murky waters of East-African sea-fisheries - please distribute widely - Update: 12.02.2008 Kenya: Man-made Marine Disaster to worsen? The battle for fish, shrimps, octopus, squid and lobster escalates in the Western Indian Ocean. Consumers must wake up.


Unilever ends the use of shark products in its cosmetics           February 10, 2008 - Madrid -- Oceana, the international marine conservation organisation, is engaged in a campaign to end of the use of shark liver oil, known as squalene, in cosmetics products.


Danes escort mercy ships                                                                    February 6, 2008 - The Danish navy has taken over the task of escorting mercy ships to war-ravaged Somalia. The ships carry food to more than one million starving Somalis on behalf of the World Food Programme (WFP).


Kenya Elections Crisis                                                                                    05 Feb 2008 - Kenya faces a serious food shortage in the near future if the on-going post-election violence is not arrested in time. It is estimated that up to 500,000 people may have been displaced.


Japan suspends Antarctic whale hunt during standoff              January 17, 2008 - TOKYO - Protesters scored a victory in a high-seas campaign to disrupt Japan's whale hunt in the Antarctic, forcing the fleet to a standstill Wednesday while officials scrambled to unload two activists who used a rubber boat to get on board a harpoon vessel.


Anti-whalers"taken hostage" on Japanese whaling ship           January 15, 2008 07:59 AM - SYDNEY (Reuters) - Two anti-whaling activists were "taken hostage" and tied to a radar mast of a Japanese whaling vessel in the Southern Ocean on Tuesday, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society said.



NEWS 2007



Somalis stand firm on the protection of the 200nm EEZ, while IMO Renews Calls in Fight Against "Piracy"  Mugadishu, Saturday, 22 December - 2007 [Radio Simba] Africa: IMO Renews Calls in Fight Against Piracy. As acts of piracy continue to threaten shipping, it's time for governments to conclude regional agreements on the menace.

Australia Wants Japanese Whalers Out of Whale Sanctuary CANBERRA, Australia, December 20, 2007 (ENS) - With less than three weeks in office, the new Australian government is planning diplomatic and legal action against Japan's so-called "research" whaling. Much Japanese whaling takes place in the Australian Whale Sanctuary in the Southern Ocean, where the Japanese whaling fleet is right now, pursuing whales.

Political Victory For Whales                                                                December 11th, 2007 · The labor party of Australia has won their election by a landslide and this may be good news for the whales that migrate to and live in Antartica during November, Decem-ber, January and February.


Obey trawling ban, warns State                                                      (26.11.2007) An Assistant minister for Fisheries has warned trawler owners that their licences will be revoked in two weeks if they continue flouting a fishing ban that is still in force.


Recent Dolphin Slaughter                                                                (05.11.2007) At this time of year Japanese Fishermen are killing dolphins in Japan They chase the dolphins into coastal bays and then slaughter them for their meat while keeping some alive to sell to Aquariums for about $50,000.00 each.


CITES bans trade of endangered sawfish                                                    (11.06.2007)THE HAGUE, Netherlands - An international conference on endangered species banned almost all trade Monday in sawfish-large shark-like rays whose long snouts bristling with teeth are in high demand among collectors.

Whales Win, Japan Loses at CITES                                                                (07.06.2007) At a June 6th meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in The Hague, Netherlands, Japan and Iceland once again failed to remove the protection status of the world’s whales. CITES’ “Fourteenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties” is being held from June 3rd – 15th.

Iceland undecided on commercial whale hunts                                          (15.04.2007) REYKJAVIK (Reuters) - The fate of Iceland's commercial whale hunts, target of criticism from anti-whaling nations across the globe, may hinge on 100 tonnes of meat now lying in cold storage.



US anti-whalers condemn massive Norwegian whale kill                        (November 4, 2005) America ’s Whale Alliance, a coalition of US based anti-whaling groups, has condemned Norway after the announcement that the extended Norwegian whale-hunting season ended last week with a reported 639 minke whales killed . According to the Norwegian Raw Fish Sales Organization about 800 tons of whale meat have been sold to whale meat producers while the blubber, which is heavily contaminated with toxic pollutants, has been thrown into the sea.

Do 'Dolphin Encounters' Depend on Inhumane Captures?                    As Tourists Seek Up-Close Experiences, Some Animals Suffer - (Oct. 27, 2005) -  The enticing Mexican beach resort city of Cancun is one of the hottest vacation destinations for Americans. From the luxurious hotels that line its white-sand beaches to the antics of spring break, its turquoise-colored waters draw thousands of tourists from the United States every year.

Global Warming Takes Toll on Africa's Coral Reefs                                   (SOUTH AFRICA: October 19, 2005) JOHANNESBURG - Global warming is taking a toll on coral reefs off east Africa, which will likely be killed off in a few decades if sea surface temperatures continue to rise, a leading researcher warned on Tuesday.



African fish industry 'in crisis'                                                                          (Monday, 22 August 2005) Africa's fisheries industry is facing a crisis, experts have claimed, with over-fishing and a lack of investment threatening its long-term future.

PRESS RELEASE: "SEALORD" BRAND TUNA - OWNED BY JAPAN WHALING COMPANY - SOLD IN NEW ZEALAND & AUSTRALIA (August 19, 2005) San Francisco - Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project today announced that "Sealord" brand tuna, canned in New Zealand and sold in New Zealand and Australia, is owned by Nissui (Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd.) of Japan.

ENTANGELED SUBMARINE                                                                             (07. Aug 2005) The Russian sailors got some of their own medicine, when they found themselves trapped by an abandoned fishing net.

Sharkfins: Waterlogged car was carrying illegal cargo                             (August 01 2005) A bag of shark fins was found in the wrecked car in which three men died when when its driver lost control, hit a lamppost and spun off the N2 into the Black River.



DEVASTATING IMPACT OF PIRATE FISHING FLEETS ROBBING PEOPLE AND OCEANS Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is one of the most serious threats to the future of world fisheries, a new report, Pirates and Profiteers, by the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) reveals today. Occurring in virtually all fisheries, IUU fishing is a global phenomenon with substantial and growing negative social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Mexican Environmentalist in jail for defending illegally imported Solomon Islands dolphins  UPDATE: 28.04.2005 - THANK YOU ALL!

Group: One fifth world's reefs destroyed                                                      (April 25, 2005) The demise of the world's coral reefs could threaten coastal communities as global fish stocks fall, an international conservation group said on Monday.

NASA study finds snow melt causes large ocean plant blooms            (22.04.2005) A NASA funded study has found a decline in winter and spring snow cover over Southwest Asia and the Himalayan mountain range is creating conditions for more widespread blooms of ocean plants in the Arabian Sea.

Salmon Experts Meet to Decipher Mysterious Declines                           (April 15, 2005) (ENS) - Salmon biologists, habitat specialists, fisheries and agency managers and international leaders from five nations will gather on Sunday for an in depth look at ways to conserve and manage salmon throughout the North Pacific.

Mexican Environmentalist in jail for defending illegally imported Solomon Islands dolphins   We need your support!!! The Mexican environmentalist-lady Araceli Dominguez was imprisoned on Saturday 23rd of April for defending the freedom of the Solomon Island dolphins.

Japan Must Be Banned From the Antarctic                                                  (April, 2005) Japan's JARPA program has finished! JARPA was a 16 year whale killing research project carried out by the Japanese government.



WHALE EMERGENCY ALERT: US must Stop RMS !                                 (February 28, 2005)  -pls distribute far and wide - especially into the USA - CALL FOR ACTION - based on a REPORT ON RECENT LOBBYING TRIP TO THE USA - by Sue Arnold, Australians for Animals

Mexico Suspends Permit for Controversial U.S. Research Ship            (February 21, 2005) Mexico announced Friday it has suspended permits for a U.S. research vessel conducting sound-wave experiments in the Gulf after the ship ran aground on a coral reef and damaged it.

Fish shrinkage threatens survival                                                                   (20 February, 2005) The shrinking size of fish due to their overexploitation has dire consequences for the recovery of depleted stocks, scientists have claimed.

Mexico Suspends Permits for U.S. Vessel                                                    Mexico Suspends Permits for U.S. Research Vessel After It Hits Coral Reef: MEXICO CITY (Feb 18, 2005) Mexico announced Friday it has suspended permits for a U.S. research vessel conducting sound-wave experiments in the Gulf after the ship ran aground on a coral reef and damaged it.

Scientists Find Dramatic Changes in Southern Ocean, Fear Climate Link   (February 17, 2005) HOBART, AUSTRALIA - Scientists have discovered dramatic changes in the temperature and salinity of deep waters in the Southern Ocean that they warn could have a major impact on global climate.

Whale Stranding in N.C. Followed Navy Sonar Use                                   (Friday, January 28, 2005)   Military Says Connection to Death of 37 Animals Is 'Unlikely' - At least 37 whales beached themselves and died along the North Carolina
shore earlier this month soon after Navy vessels on a deep-water training
mission off the coast used powerful sonar as part of the exercise.

ECOP-marine - Investigative reporting into the murky waters of East-African sea-fisheries (CL 2005)  - please distribute widely - Kenya: Man-made Marine Disaster to worsen? The battle for fish, shrimps, octopus, squid and lobster escalates in the Western Indian Ocean. Consumers must wake up.

Malaysia to stop encroachment of coastal fishing zones by deep-sea vessels  (25-01-2005) Malaysia's Fisheries Department will step-up measures to stop deep-sea fishing vessels from encroaching coastal fishing zones.



Over 100 whales, dolphins die in beachings                                                (November 30, 2004) SYDNEY: More than 100 whales and dolphins died in two separate beachings in 24 hours on remote Australian islands, leaving rescuers yesterday struggling to steer survivors out to sea and prevent more strandings.

Humans are not on sharks' menu, says expert                                           November 25, 2004 - Large numbers of Great White sharks are swimming just beyond the False Bay breakers, close to swimmers and scores of surfers. These sharks have daily opportunities to attack people. That attacks are very rare proves that the sharks have little interest in hunting humans and gives lie to the current hysteria about shark attacks, say experts.

BBC's Undercover World: The Dolphin Hunters will air internationally today and tomorrow.  Approximately 300 million viewers worldwide will be exposed to the annual dolphin slaughter in Japan.

Once again we are getting ready to celebrate World Fisheries Day on 21^st November. It is a day of fisher people all over the World to realize that they are at the center of Development and Management of Resources. World Forum of Fisher Peoples (WFFP) is very happy to join this celebration. The seafarers, the fisher women, fish workers and their families are very much involved in this.

High opening trawls and their impacts on the living marine resources of the seas and oceans.
RESOLUTION - at the Co ordination Committee meeting of the World Forum of Fisher Peoples in Martinique. The WFFP CC unanimously passed the Resolution and presented the same to the UN by N.D.Koli , our representative - High opening trawls and their impacts on the living marine resources of the seas and oceans.

Jumbo flying squid discovered in Alaska 
(October 15, 2004) Sitka - A large Humboldt squid caught offshore from Sitka is among numerous sightings of a species seen for the first time in waters of the Far North, and the first of the species recovered from British Columbia waters.



Fewer Fish Are Wasted, but More Are Illegally Caught                              ROME, Italy, September 14, 2004 (ENS) - Millions of tons fewer fish are being wasted each year according to a new analysis of global data for the last decade from the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. But at the same time, the problem of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing is growing in scope and intensity, recent studies by the agency reveal.

Two die after eating deadly puffer fish                                                           (August 16 2004) Phnom Penh - Two men have been fatally poisoned in northwestern Cambodia after eating toxic puffer fish bought from a local fisherman, media reported on Monday.

Some dolphins are born socialites                                                                 (August 12, 2004) LONDON - Some people are born to be the life and soul of the party - and so, it seems, are some dolphins. It is well established that dolphins, who are highly intelligent animals, form complex social groups or pods. 

Commercial Whaling Moratorium Holds for Another Year                        SORRENTO, Italy, July 23, 2004 (ENS) - Whale conservationists won several victories this week at the International Whaling Commission annual meeting that wound up here Thursday, but other battles were lost to pro-whaling interests. The 18 year long moratorium on commercial whaling is still in place, but there will be no whale sanctuaries in the South Pacific or the South Atlantic at least for another year.

Scientists Find Something Fishy in US Diets                                               LONDON - All is not what it seems in a popular fish supper in the United States. Scientists from the University of North Carolina have found that three-quarters of the fish sold there labeled as Red Snapper is nothing of the sort.



New paper in Science introduces revolutionary new paradigm for fishery management This article can be viewed on-line at Science Magazine. MIAMI, July 16, 2004 ~ Seventeen of the world’s top marine scientists today unveiled a plan that seeks to avert the collapse of fish populations by focusing on managing the entire ecosystem rather than one species at a time.

Thawing Polar Ice Cap Threatens Ancient Arctic Basins                         FAIRBANKS, Alaska, June 24, 2004 (ENS) - A multinational partnership of polar scientists is poised to take an historic census of marine life in the Arctic Ocean, including the planet’s oldest seawater – a vast, still pool unstirred for millennia, walled by steep ridges and lidded with ice.

Beach blob mystery solved at last                                                                  (23 June 04) Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition - "An ocean without unnamed monsters," wrote John Steinbeck, "would be like sleep without dreams." But the dream that a new species of sea monster washed up in Chile in 2003 is over.Marine biologists have definitively shown that the "Chilean Blob" and other similar mysteries are simply the remains of whales.

Brazilian President Seeks Support for Atlantic Whale Sanctuary          BRASILIA, Brazil, June 14, 2004 (ENS) - For the first time, a Latin American head of state has formally written to his peers on the importance of the non-lethal use of whale resources.

Dozens of dolphins found dead in Mauritania                                             Dakar - Forty-nine dolphins have been found dead on beaches in Mauritania, the deputy head of the north-west African country's oceanography and fishing institute, Mika Diop, told reporters here Friday.

New Zealand to ask tiny Palau to support whale sanctuary                  New Zealand wants the tiny Pacific state of Palau to end its opposition to the creation of a whale sanctuary in the South Pacific Ocean.

British Shoreline Clogged with Microscopic Plastic Litter
Plastic-based litter from human beings is inundating the world's oceans and polluting shorelines down to the microscopic level, according to British scientists who recently completed a multi-year study on the problem in and around Great Britain.

Giant squid leaves sexcapades to chance                                                   (04 May 04)Stralsund - The giant squid is not especially choosy when it comes to sex and will mate blind without checking if the object of its affection is male or female, a German researcher said on Tuesday.

Oceans rising faster near coasts                                                                     (21 April 04) Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition. Subscribe and get 4 free issues. Satellite measurements of sea levels have uncovered a bizarre effect - the sea seems to be rising faster near the coast than in mid-ocean.

World’s marine life is getting sicker                                                                (19 April 04) For years, apparent increases in illness among marine creatures, from whales to coral, have left marine scientists with the uneasy suspicion that the seas are increasingly plagued by disease. Now, US researchers have uncovered the first good evidence that they are right.

Revival of seal pup killing is sickening                                                          SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER EDITORIAL BOARD - Thursday, April 8, 2004 - Fashion is reviving Canada's brutal hunting of baby seals. The craze for seal fur deserves a quick death.



EU plans to protect dolphins                                                                            (March 2004) EU plans to protect dolphins: Worldwide over 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises die unintentionally in fishermen's hauls, according to a study released last year. In response, European Union nations are considering requiring fishermen to install acoustic "pingers" on their boats to scare away the marine mammals.

"Dead zones" grow in polluted oceans                                                         (March 2004) "Dead zones" grow in polluted oceans: Delegates attending the meeting of the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) in South Korea this week were warned about growing "dead zones" in the world's oceans, where plants and animals cannot live.

Scientists Condemn Deepsea Trawling                                                        (March 11, 2004) Coldwater corals, plain Cinderellas to their flashy tropical sisters, are being destroyed before arriving at the scientific ball.

Major US & UK Retailers Linked to Whale Meat Sales in Japan!             (March 10, 2004) US retail giant WalMart and the UK's biggest food retailer TESCO have been intimately linked to the sale of products from Japan's whale, dolphin and porpoise hunts.  The reports just released were issued by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIR), the Humane society, and Greenpeace.

Global anti-whaling campaign launched                                                       (09 March 2004) A new report, with foreword by Sir David Attenborough, exposes the cruelty behind whaling. A new report, 'Troubled Waters', is being released today to mark the launch of a global campaign against whaling. Key scientific and practical evidence is brought together for the first time to highlight the true extent of the cruelty inherent in the modern day killing of whales. More than 1,400 whales are expected to die this year alone. 

A simple reason to stop whaling: it's cruel                                                   (09 March 2004) 142 organisations unite to highlight horrific impact of harpooning - By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor - Animal welfare groups from around the world presented a report on whaling yesterday that aims to take the argument back to basics: the cruelty of the kill.

Changes in environment also influence fish stocks                                  (March 2004) Changes in environment also influence fish stocks: Marine biologists at last week's Royal Society meeting believe that environmental changes, such as global warming, may have as much of an impact on fish stocks as overfishing.

Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive?                                                Barcelona and the Universal Forum of Cultures to Host World Environment Day 2004 - This Year's Global Theme: Wanted! Seas and Oceans - Dead or Alive? - Nairobi/Barcelona, 24 February 2004 - The city of Barcelona, known for its commitment to culture and urban renewal, will be hosting World Environment Day 2004, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced today.

Great Barrier Reef Corals Victims of Global Warming                                BRISBANE, Australia, February 25, 2004 (ENS) - Global warming is causing the corals of the Great Barrier Reef to bleach and die, and new research by an Australian team shows that under a worst case scenario the coral populations on the world’s longest reef will collapse by 2100.

ECOP - marine alert 23.01.2004 - Wild dolphin capture in Africa
The Marine Connection has just received news that a massive capture of wild Bottlenose dolphins is ongoing in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. This would appear to be very similar to the Solomon Islands captures that occurred in 2003.

Hilltops-2-Oceans Partnership Conference in Cairns, Australia,
11 - 14 May 2004.

Ocean life depends on single circulation pattern in Southern Hemisphere






110 whales found dead


To the GOVERNANCE of ICELAND: The undersigned conservation and animal welfare organisations write to express outrage at Iceland's resumption of whaling.



EuropeEuropean Maritime Safety Agency Empowered to Fight Spills

Subject: New Study Warns Whale Populations Too Low for Hunting

Troubled Seas

Mauritanian beaches full of dead dolphins



Whales go to the dogs

Saving the Whales, Again

Predatory Fish Levels Reduced by 90%

Seafood Choices Alliance Issues Overview of U.S. Seafood Consumption, Consumer Attitudes Toward Sustainable Fishing

Government Agency Claims Progress In Protecting Nation's Fish Stocks;

IWC update 18.06.2003

BERLIN - The International Whaling Commission (IWC)

Sonar Issue Heads for Federal Court Showdown

Report from Whale Killing Methods Workshop at IWC Berlin

Report from the Aboriginal Subsistence Working Group

IWC BERLIN 2003 - daily GWA update -


GWA and the Berlin Initiative

Fourth Meeting of the Open-ended Informal Consultative


Death of 10 dolphins under investigation

Norway advises pregnant women against whale meat

Only 10 percent of big ocean fish left - scientists

River dolphins could die out in 10 years



Self-cloning crayfish threatens native species


Ocean Crisis Caused by Destructive Fishing


WHALING: Iceland May Resume Hunts; Japan, Norway Blast Commission




Marine resources and biodiversity conservation ,  yet another Indigenous People's struggle








MEXICO: An Ugly Fight at Pretty Site



ARCHIVE   2002


Marine Resources: Property Rights, Economics and Environment

From 1963 through 1999 , the Japanese Government allowed the fishermen of Japan to slaughter 668,393 dolphins

Assasination of anti-aquaculture activist in Brazil

Norway to defy ban, resume whale exports to Iceland

The IWC refused to re-admit Iceland to the IWC !

From Japan, a new taste treat - the whaleburger

European fishing fleets plundering west African stocks

Roe Herring Trade Leaves Little for Whales, Fish, Birds  O

Some Salmon Stand to Lose Habitat Protection  O

Canada Seeks to Make Seal Hunt More Humane  O

Japan to Import Norwegian Whale Meat  O

Japan Plans to Hunt Endangered Sei Whales  O

Japan to Import Norwegian Whale Meat   O

Japan coast guard braces for whaling meeting

10,000 Endangered Turtles Killed On Indian Coast

Bacteria on the Great Barrier Reef Hold Health Secrets

Dugongs Disappearing Worldwide Due to Human Overload  O

Mermaid‘ sea mammals facing extinction - UN

Monsanto loses pollution battle

Canada's Right to Forbid Seal Pup Killing Upheld  O

Greenhouse Gases Linked to Stronger El Niño Events  O

World's 10 Richest Reefs Hammered by Humans  O

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ARCHIVE   2001

Whalers Hit Greenpeace Protesters with Water Cannons

Militia vs Trawlers: Who is the Villain?

IS NORWAY BURNING? -  Whaler sinks, plant destroyed

US, Japan aides reach no deal in whaling dispute

Historical Overkill of Marine Megafauna Triggered Current Ocean Crises


Stalemate on ending ban at whale meeting

Anachronistic Whaling Commission stumbles on UK : July 27, 2001

Whaling commission puts Iceland membership on hold


Japan admits trading whale votes - Greenpeace protesters attack a Japanese whaling ship 

Norwegian whale cargo rebuffed by airlines

FEATURE - South Pacific whale sanctuary bid looks beached

Pacific Unites to Support a South Pacific Whale Sanctuary

Oil executive placed under investigation in Erika scandal

"Jessica" - Alert ! -  OCHA Situation Report


ARCHIVE   2000

Radioactive waste from Italy dumped in Somalia may have affected Italian soldiers based there with a United Nations force in the mid-1990s.