ECOP-marine was created in the beginning of the year 2002. It is a fully independent group, which demands better protection for the oceans of our earth as well as for all its life-forms - all creation, all denizens and inhabitants.

We are convinced that all people should no longer accept the destruction of the oceans .

The women and men representing ECOP-marine are working jointly and voluntarily in every respect, receive no payments, and even often enough have to finance their pro-active work themselves. We therefore ask more for your active support, though donations and solidarity are important to achieve the protection and sustainability goals in the often short time left until total destruction would make the work obsolete.

All ECOP-marine activists have been working before with one or several other organizations - all engaged in the protection of the seas. In order to bring our experiences - as much as possible independently, unbiased, without organizational pressure and combined - into action, we work now together and jointly within the ECOP-marine group of ECOTERRA Intl. .