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by Sue Arnold, Australians for Animals
February 28, 2005
Given the lack of any significant legal and scientific analyses and critiques relevant to the Revised Management Scheme (RMS) , and the lack of any lobbying effort on the part of the major  US environmental groups in relation to the impending threat of commercial whaling, Australians for Animals took the decision to send myself, as Co-ordinator, to the United States to lobby the Bush Administration
This report gives a brief account of many of the meetings I had in Washington DC  with various Republican and Democrat Senate staffers; lawyers specialising in trade and international environmental issues ; and domestic lawyers who specialise in whale matters.
It is clear that the rush to get an RMS through the next IWC meeting is an exercise in collective madness given the sheer extent of legal and scientific complexities.  As well, the situation is made worse because the major US environmental groups are the only organisations with sufficient funding and resources to contract and circulate the relevant legal and scientific advices needed and they refuse to get involved.
There are three areas of major concern.
·         An almost complete lack of public awareness which is directly attributable to the failure of major US environmental groups to advise their substantial member bases of the issue.  Their support for a “ strong RMS” whilst at the same time asserting that they oppose a resumption of commercial whaling is a position of ambivalence and double speak which is not helping whales.   Nor, I suggest, would this position be acceptable to the vast membership of these groups.  Without public protest, the Administration has virtual free reign.
·         Major legal complexities particularly in relation to whales becoming “goods” under the WTO . Adoption of the RMS and the lifting of the moratorium will have unacceptable impacts and ramifications on a number of international conventions and environmental treaties.
·         Significant scientific issues which are being completely ignored by politicians, environmental groups and the IWC Scientific Committee which is chaired by Doug De Master, NOAA.
I have put these issues in order of priority as I see them.  There is no doubt that the failure of the major US groups to acquaint their membership of the impending threat to whales has played a significant role in the current mess.  Without protest, politicians will not act.
The mantra chanted by so many groups and repeated in many letters confirming this policy to various members of the public is – that  accepting the best RMS is a better outcome than uncontrolled whaling. As several lawyers commented to me – the role of environmental organisations is not to find compromises – that’s the job of politicians
Another mantra goes like this… “ If we don’t push an RMS through the IWC, the convention will collapse.”  So let’s overturn the moratorium, and set up the resumption of whaling to protect the IWC ?
Without protest, the RMS will continue on its deadly path.   Evidence of current uncontrolled whaling is irrefutable.  So is the failure of the US administration to impose trade sanctions against delinquent nations.   Yet the focus remains firmly fixed on getting the RMS through IWC South Korea rather than giving the IWC some teeth.
Japan’s efforts to secure commercial whaling whilst refusing to give up scientific whaling have produced some extraordinary reactions in DC.
One key staffer told me: “ I ll trade commercial whaling for an end to scientific whaling.”  Huh ?
Or -  “ Japan has pursued a vigorous policy of securing nations’ vote with aid.” So what happened to US Aid ? No strings attached ?
I was repeatedly advised by Senate staffers and the marine mammal specialist on the Oceans Sub Committee that there was “ no noise “ on the whaling issue coming from the major US environmental groups.  No postcards, letters, phone calls. Nothing.  And that there was almost total silence on ocean issues generally.  In discussion with several ocean focussed groups, I was told that whales were “ off the agenda”.  Presumably, too controversial.
At a meeting with HSUS/Fund for Animals executives, I was informed that  if AFA had concerns over the trade and scientific issues, then we should generate our own funding to provides these advices. These advices require international experts and would obviously cost monies which are relatively insignificant to well funded major US groups but massive outlays for an Australian grass roots group.
Any disasgreement with HSUS/Fund for Animals stand on whaling policy would have to be debated and discussed with the merged organisations’ whaling people. Activists now executives who many groups do not agree with..  AFA believes the that these kinds of decisions should be made in open forums which respects the public interest with the benefit of expert advices. In other words, by the membership and the public.
There’s also a strong tribal element to the collective major groups’ decision to support the RMS.  I was frequently asked – ‘ what do the other groups say on this issue ?’
The only organisation I was able to identify in DC as being not only willing to get deeply involved by way of funding and dedicated work effort on the whale issue was the Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) whose representatives also expressed angst over silence of major environmental groups.
A further concern was the revelation that IWC Interagency meetings convened by the US Government are now  ‘by invitation only’ –( to keep the bad guys out )“ and that at the most recent meeting, SeaWorld and American representatives of the Japanese fishing industry were present.
No agenda is circulated to the grass roots environmental community, neither are any papers or discussion outcomes.    The closing off of public input to IWC Interagency meetings appears to have had the support of the major US environmental groups since there is no protest over the disappearance of public input .  The continued exclusion of grass roots groups ensures an ongoing silence in terms of US policy.
Trade issues: Once the RMS is a fact of life and the moratorium lifted, the legal status of whales will change ensuring a morass of legal complications in uncharted and dangerous waters.
Few groups seem aware of the fact that cetacean meat and products are now on the US Tariff Schedules – a listing which is in direct conflict with US marine protection legislation.   As well, the recently signed US Australia Free Trade Agreement also includes cetacean products and meat in the Tariff Schedules.
How these listing were permitted without any protest is a question no one appears able to answer.  A lawyer told me that prior to the moratorium, whales were in trade .  But how cetacean products should suddenly appear on the Tariff Schedules when the 25 year  moratorium has not been lifted has no visible or accessible explanation.
One trade lawyer I consulted agreed that once the IWC grants quotas, it is highly likely that poor and undeveloped countries,now members of the IWC, will claim discrimination if only Japan and Norway are given quotas. 
As well, UNCLOS ( Law of the Sea) gives coastal states sovereign rights over their resources and contains many provisions which would create arguments over international law and relevant precedence over IWC rulings.
NAMA, the WTO non agricultural market access negotiations, is currently discussing market access including tariff and non tariff issues. On the agenda are fisheries and marine products.  Inclusion of cetacean products would be disastrous for whales.
FAO , which is almost entirely funded by Japan, is meeting in Rome in March to discuss the impact of marine mammals on fisheries.  Japan is pushing for an ecosystem approach which will spell more trouble for whales as the Japanese are using the “ whales eat all the fish” argument as a way of ensuring a resolution which allows whales to be killed to protect poor nations’ food supplies.  An FAO resolution would carry considerable weight in the IWC.
The list of treaties, conventions and agreements which conflict with or will have ramifications as a result of whales becoming trade include:- UNCLOS, Convention on Migratory Species, WTO, CITES, Convention of Biological Diversity, Agenda 21, FAO, NAMA, and more.
Meyer & Glitzenstein, the Washington based public interest law firm which represents AFA in certain whale issues advised me at a meeting that the US support for the RMS was almost certainly a violation of NEPA ( National Environment Policy Act) and that Congress should be so advised.
The complexities raised by whales becoming trade are extremely serious and too difficult to deal with in this short report.  Suffice to say that this is an area which should take absolute priority because of the likely pitfalls and ramifications.
Scientific Issues:   I  sat in on a lecture on whales by Professor Stephen Palumbi at Stanford Law School shortly before my visit to DC.  His work, which basically asserts that the IWC Scientific Committee has underestimated the original North Atlantic whale populations by a factor of 6 to 20 times, is based on sound genetic research.
Professor Palumbi travelled to Sorrento last year to discuss his research with the IWC Scientific Committee.   The importance of Professor Palumbi’s research cannot be overestimated.   Any RMP based on the current figures given by the Scientific Committee is, in the light of this evidence, deeply flawed.
Apparently, the Scientific Committee was resistant to this leading edge work and it would appear that the major US environmental organisations have little interest in pursuing this critical research.
The issues Professor Palumbi raises are too serious to be ignored.  His research ( which is backed by many leading scientists ) should provide a solid lobbying base for NGO’s and like minded governments to argue for adoption of the Precautionary Principle and to delay any vote at IWC on the RMS.
Summary:   It is vitally important that the US Congress and the Senate are deluged with protest letters, post cards and phone calls.   Moderate Republicans need to be targeted and lobbied hard.
I  received a reasonable reception to the suggestion that the RMS vote be delayed until such time as the depth of complexities relating to trade and science could be properly evaluated.
Supporters of the major US groups might well ask why an Australian activist has to travel halfway around the world to lobby the US government on behalf of whales.  They might also demand to know how their donations are being spent to protect whales from a resumption of commercial whaling.



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  • Adoption of the RMS and the lifting of the moratorium will have unacceptable impacts and ramifications on a number of international conventions and environmental treaties.

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david.calderwood@ doh.gsi.gov.uk ,
email-addresses@ doh.gsi.gov.uk ,
sharron.wright@ doh.gsi.gov.uk ,
gmulgan@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
jamie.rentoul@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
stephen.aldridge@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
Catriona.Laing@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
patricia.greer@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
sue.duncan@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
joanna.brown@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
esmee.brenells@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
t.norman@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
n.bodle@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
c.shaw@ cabinet-office.x.gsi.gov.uk ,
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webmaster@ pmo.gov.uk ,
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webmaster@ mofa.go.jp, sajtoiroda@ meh.hu ,
szerk@ ekormanyzat.hu, lakossag@ meh.hu ,
postur@ for.stjr.is , forsvarsnett@ fo.mil.no ,
rherrera@ ns.casapres.go.cr , president@ hrad.cz ,
president@ hrad.cz , stm@ stm.dk ,
sorhaindoch@ cwdom.dm , pmoffice@ cwdom.dm ,
correspondencias@ presidencia.gov.do ,
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registrator@ foreign.ministry.se ,
registrator@ primeminister.ministry.se,
registrator@ adm.ministry.se, registrator@ agriculture.ministry.se,
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registrator@ education.ministry.se,
registrator@ environment.ministry.se, registrator@ finance.ministry.se,
registrator@ foreign.ministry.se, registrator@ industry.ministry.se,
registrator@ justice.ministry.se, registrator@ social.ministry.se,
info@ parliament.gr , alvaroarzu@ guate.net ,
bpanday@ trinidad.net , mike@ michaelmoore.com ,
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postur@ for.stjr.is , forsvarsnett@ fo.mil.no , natodoc@ hq.nato.int ,
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dsn-brc@ sga.defense.gouv.fr , contact@ terre.defense.gouv.fr ,
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bic@ dpmat.terre.defense.gouv.fr , honvedelem@ armedia.hu ,
spi.ufficiostampa@ difesa.it , info@ gendarmerie.defense.gouv.fr ,
defensie.voorlichting@ co.dnet.mindef.nl,
opplys@ norge.no,secretaria.geral@ sg.mdn.gov.pt,
daed@ dgaed.mdn.gov.pt, infodefensa@ mde.es,
minisdef@ ext.mde.es, natodoc@ hq.nato.int ,
spyd@ presidencia.gov.ar , state@ zamnet.zm ,
statepas@ intnet.mu , stm@ stm.dk ,
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D.Adams.MP@ aph.gov.au, A.Albanese.MP@ aph.gov.au,
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Neil.Andrew.MP@ aph.gov.au, Kevin.Andrews.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Larry.Anthony.MP@ aph.gov.au, Fran.Bailey.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bruce.Baird.MP@ aph.gov.au, Bob.Baldwin.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Phil.Barresi.MP@ aph.gov.au, Kerry.Bartlett.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Kim.Beazley.MP@ aph.gov.au, Arch.Bevis.MP@ aph.gov.au,
B.Billson.MP@ aph.gov.au, Julie.Bishop.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bronwyn.Bishop.MP@ aph.gov.au,
lauriebreretonmp@ aph.gov.au, Mal.Brough.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Anna.Burke.MP@ aph.gov.au, Anthony.Byrne.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Ross.Cameron.MP@ aph.gov.au, Ian.Causley.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bob.Charles.MP@ aph.gov.au, Steven.Ciobo.MP@ aph.gov.au,
John.Cobb.MP@ aph.gov.au, Ann.Corcoran.MP@ aph.gov.au,
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Michael.Danby.MP@ aph.gov.au, A.Downer.MP@ aph.gov.au,
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Annette.Ellis.MP@ aph.gov.au, K.Elson.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Craig.Emerson.MP@ aph.gov.au, Warren.Entsch.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Martyn.Evans.MP@ aph.gov.au, Pat.Farmer.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Laurie.Ferguson.MP@ aph.gov.au, M.Ferguson.MP@ aph.gov.au,
J.Fitzgibbon.MP@ aph.gov.au, J.Forrest.MP@ aph.gov.au,
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Joanna.Gash.MP@ aph.gov.au, Jennie.George.MP@ aph.gov.au,
P.Georgiou.MP@ aph.gov.au, Steve.Gibbons.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Julia.Gillard.MP@ aph.gov.au, Sharon.Grierson.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Alan.Griffin.MP@ aph.gov.au, Barry.Haase.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Jill.Hall.MP@ aph.gov.au, Gary.Hardgrave.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Luke.Hartsuyker.MP@ aph.gov.au, Michael.Hatton.MP@ aph.gov.au,
David.Hawker.MP@ aph.gov.au, Kelly.Hoare.MP@ aph.gov.au,
J.Hockey.MP@ aph.gov.au, Kay.Hull.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Greg.Hunt.MP@ aph.gov.au, Julia.Irwin.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Sharryn.Jackson.MP@ aph.gov.au, Harry.Jenkins.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Michael.Johnson.MP@ aph.gov.au, David.Jull.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bob.Katter.MP@ aph.gov.au, De-Anne.Kelly.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Jackie.Kelly.MP@ aph.gov.au, D.Kemp.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Duncan.Kerr.MP@ aph.gov.au, Peter.King.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Catherine.King.MP@ aph.gov.au, M.Latham.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Carmen.Lawrence.MP@ aph.gov.au, Sussan.Ley.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Peter.Lindsay.MP@ aph.gov.au, Kirsten.Livermore.MP@ aph.gov.au,
J.Lloyd.MP@ aph.gov.au, Ian.Macfarlane.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Jenny.Macklin.MP@ aph.gov.au, Margaret.May.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Stewart.McArthur.MP@ aph.gov.au, R.McClelland.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Jann.McFarlane.MP@ aph.gov.au, Peter.McGauran.MP@ aph.gov.au,
L.McLeay.MP@ aph.gov.au, Bob.McMullan.MP@ aph.gov.au,
D.Melham.MP@ aph.gov.au, F.Mossfield.MP@ aph.gov.au,
J.Moylan.MP@ aph.gov.au, John.Murphy.MP@ aph.gov.au,
G.Nairn.MP@ aph.gov.au, B.Nelson.MP@ aph.gov.au,
P.Neville.MP@ aph.gov.au, Michelle.Obyrne.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Brendan.O'Connor.MP@ aph.gov.au, Gavan.Oconnor.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Sophie.Panopoulos.MP@ aph.gov.au, Chris.Pearce.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Tanya.Plibersek.MP@ aph.gov.au, Rogerpricemp@ aph.gov.au,
Geoffrey.Prosser.MP@ aph.gov.au, C.Pyne.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Harry.Quick.MP@ aph.gov.au, Don.Randall.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bernie.Ripoll.MP@ aph.gov.au, Nicola.Roxon.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Kevin.Rudd.MP@ aph.gov.au, R.Sawford.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Alby.Schultz.MP@ aph.gov.au, Con.Sciacca.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Bruce.Scott.MP@ aph.gov.au, P.Secker@ aph.gov.au,
Bob.Sercombe.MP@ aph.gov.au, Sid.Sidebottom.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Peter.Slipper.MP@ aph.gov.au, Stephen.Smith.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Tony.Smith.MP@ aph.gov.au, Warren.Snowdon.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Alex.Somlyay.MP@ aph.gov.au, Andrew.Southcott.MP@ aph.gov.au,
S.Stone.MP@ aph.gov.au, Wayne.Swan.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Lindsay.Tanner.MP@ aph.gov.au, Cameron.Thompson.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Kelvin.Thomson.MP@ aph.gov.au, Ken.Ticehurst.MP@ aph.gov.au,
David.Tollner.MP@ aph.gov.au, W.Truss.MP@ aph.gov.au,
W.Tuckey.MP@ aph.gov.au, Mark.Vaile.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Danna.Vale.MP@ aph.gov.au, Maria.Vamvakinou.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Barry.Wakelin.MP@ aph.gov.au, Mal.Washer.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Kim.Wilkie.MP@ aph.gov.au, daryl.williams.MP@ aph.gov.au,
Tony.Windsor.MP@ aph.gov.au, T.Worth.MP@ aph.gov.au,
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comments@ www.nobel.se , info@ nobel.se,
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