From 1963 through 1999, the Japanese Government allowed the fishermen of Japan to slaughter 668,393 dolphins. 

Some were taken for meat while others were killed as mere 'incidental' catch in the process of capturing live dolphins for displays in marine parks and aquariums.  

Public pressure and the documenting of the slaughters virtually stopped the slaughters for several years, however, with the growing popularity of swimming with captive dolphins and displaying dolphins in marine park settings the capturing and killing of dolphins in Japan is once again on the rise.  

The Japanese government issued permits for the taking of 21,775 dolphins in the year 2000. The capture and killing of Japanese dolphins will begin again in a few months. History has proven that the government of Japan is sensitive to international pressure. There is apparently now a movement in Japan instigated by the government to continue the killings and captures but to do so at sea away from public view rather than driving the dolphin on shore as has been done in the past. Please lend your voice to the worldwide effort to stop this holocaust against the dolphins by signing here. This petition will be delivered to the Japanese government before the next killing season begins. We must show the government that people around the world are watching and that our protests will not cease until the slaughters and captures are permanently banned.

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Please sign this petition now to stop the capture and killing of dolphins in Japan.

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