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The Canadian commercial seal hunt is the largest marine mammal slaughter in the world.This year over 300,000 seals - mostly pups less than 2 months old - were bludgeoned, shot, and skinned to feed the whims and greed of the fur fashion and exotic leather industries, and their customers. Canada's commercial seal hunt is about money.The goal of the Canadian Seafood Boycott is to take all the profit out of sealing, and for every year the seal hunt continues to directly cost those who kill the seals 50 to 100 times more than what they earn from the commercial seal hunt. Kill the profits, and the Canadian government, the sealing industry, and the fishing industry will kill the hunt.

ECOTERRA Intl. and ECOPmarine have pledged their support of the Canadian Seafood Boycott. Members as well as volunteers, associates, staff, donors and supporters of ECOTERRA with their professional work, their personal involvement or by means of their contributions, commit themselves towards the preservation, active protection and sound development of the natural foundations of life forming the base for all people. ECOP- marine is the marine protection unit of ECOP and a group of ECOTERRA Intl. ECOP. It is a fully independent group, which demands better protection for the oceans of our earth as well as for its inhabitants.

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What You Can Do

Boycott Canadian Seafood

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1. At retail stores, do not buy seafood with a PRODUCT OF CANADA label.

2. At restaurants - where 70% of seafood is sold - ask chefs and managers not to serve Canadian seafood of any kind. Leave an English Boycott Bill or German Boycott Bill when paying your check.

3. Call the Prime Minister of Canada Use Prime Minister, Paul Martin's toll free phone:


In the U.S. and the European Union, use this phone :


You will likely be "on hold" for a few minutes, but won't be charged for the 866 number call. An intermediary receptionist will then direct your call to the Office of the Prime Minister. Be prepared to state that you will support the Canadian Seafood Boycott until the seal hunt is permanently banned and that you will make sure your friends, family and contacts will do the same.

4. Please download, print out, and circulate the Canadian Seafood Boycott Petition. Then fax or mail the completed petition to Canada's Prime Minister, the Hon. Paul Martin. Contact information is on the petition.

5. Please, do more. Whether you are a caring individuals, an organization, a politician or a business-person, visit our What You Can Do page to learn how you can do more to help end the Canadian commercial seal hunt.


Diana Hartig, a graphic artist, has provided seal hunt postcards for distribution.



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