Kenya Maritime Industry

Kenya recorded association with maritime trade dates back to the 19th century when the Arabs from Oman established Manda Island 250km north coast of Mombasa as their base and port.

Despite the long history of maritime industry in the country. The industry has been dogged behind by corruption, tribalism, nepotism and lack of political will. For the past 12 years the government of Kenya has been collecting Ksh.500 million annually from the shippers as merchant shipping levy of cargo interest.

It hurts very much to note that this big amount of money has not been accounted for and no one knows its where about.

Apart from lack of accountability and transparency the Kenya water ways has been used by international drug barons, human traffickers and the illicit arms dealers such as Victor Bout commonly known as ‘Anatoliyevich’.

The under table deals in the Kenyan government are also linked to the regional IMO office in Nairobi and the Dar- es -Salaam Maritime Institute (DMI).

It is dis -heartening to note that the IMO is blindly funding for training of Kenyans from one single tribe at the DMI .It also beats reasons as to why the IMO is paying for a hostel which belongs to the financial manager of DMI.

Apart from training the IMO is also blindly funding a moribund Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC) in Mombasa.

There is no need of having an MRCC which does not give assistance neither response to distress calls from Ocean-going vessels in the region.

It is dis graces to say that, in the past 9 months several Ocean-going vessels have been sent out distress calls but they received no response neither assistance from the Mombasa MRCC.

Despite of having an MRCC in Mombasa we still depend on South Africa, the UK and the Norway based Search and Rescue Centers (SAR).

The UK co-ordination centre at Falmouth has regularly been helping with rescue in the region linking with nearest regional centre in South Africa.

As we strongly believe that:

  1. The on-going training of Kenyans from one tribe at the DMI is questionable;

  2. The activities of the Mombasa MRCC are questionable;

  3. The collection of Merchant shipping levy from the shippers is wanting;

We call upon the Interpol to investigate and take appropriate action.

Andrew Mwangura
Seafarers Assistance Program

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