The 92nd session of the International Labour Conference of the ILO to be held in Geneva, Switzerland during 1st – 17th June 2004, will discuss the issue of adopting a comprehensive standard on work in the fishing sector.

The new standard will revise the existing of several ILO instruments that apply on fishing vessels. It is also expected to provide protection for workers on both large and small fishing vessels.

As this conference will be important to the Kenyan fish-workers we call-upon the (COTU) Central Organization of Trade Unions and the government of Kenya not to send joy riders from Nairobi but, to send persons with practical maritime experience to represent Kenyan Seafarers unto this important forum.

This is because Kenyan Seafarers and Fishwokers have since independence been miss-represented by COTU and the government of Kenya in several international labour conferences.

It also hurts very much to note here in that Kenyan Seafarers are not represented in the on-going preparation of the International Seafarers’ bill of rights.

The Seafarers’ bill of rights setting minimum employment standards for the World’s Seafarers is almost complete.

A draft bill will be submitted to members of the ILO in September this year for comments and amendments.

The final documents will be put forward for adoption next year.

The bill of rights aims to incorporate and update more than 60 ILO conventions and recommendations it will cover virtually all aspects of life at sea, including working hours and rest periods, food and accommodation, health and safety.

As with ILO instruments it will need to be adopted by individual countries to come into effect (about 100 Nations).


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