Kenya Seafarers are comprised of 3,280 skilled and experienced maritime staff.

The Seafarers consist of Shipmasters, Deck and Engineer Officers, Electrical and Electro-Technical Officers, Divers, Fish Workers, Deck and Engine room Ratings and off-shore gas/oil rig staff.

Owing to the lack of a National Merchant Fleet and STCW Certificates, only 20% are currently employed aboard Coastal and Foreign Ocean-going vessels.

Majority of the Merchant Navy and Engineer Officers are Britain, Egypt and South Africa trained.

With the assistance of the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF), 48 Kenyan Seafarers underwent a six week STCW training in South Africa at the UNICORN Tankers Training School while 900 under took STCW training at Bandari College, Kenya.

Due to the absence of legally established manning agencies for Seafarers in Kenya, there is no proper replacement and recruitment of Seafarers in the Country. All replacements and recruitment of Seafarers in Kenya are carried out in close shop system, which is contrary to government directive on recruitment of seamen.

The Government directive of recruitment of Seafarers states that all recruitment of Seafarers are subject to Government control under the Office of the Merchant Shipping Superintendent.

We know that work is the best route out of poverty. But we cannot legislate employment in and poverty out. It is long and complex process requiring all elements of society to work together.

Therefore, there’s a need to harness the unique power of the office of the Merchant Shipping Superintendent, Ship Owners and Seafarers Union of Kenya to a concerted efforts in creating employment to Kenyan Merchant Mariners.

The Merchant Shipping Superintendent can be reached at:

Capt. Fred O.Wahutu

Merchant Shipping Superintendent

Ministry of Transport and Communication

P.O. Box 95076 , Mombasa , Kenya

Tel:  + 254 (41) 225955

Fax: + 254 (41) 220831

Telex: 21243 DIRKPA KE


The Local Ship Manager’s and Ship Owner’s contact person can be reached at:

Capt. Chris Barnes


Span Freight Shipping Limited

P.O.Box 99760 , Mombasa , Kenya

Tel:  + 254 (41) 316933 / 4, 315623

Fax: + 254 (41) 312092 , 314658

Telex : 21057 "JIHAZI"

The contact person for Merchant Marine Officers’ Association can be reached at:

Capt. T.A.Khamis

P.O.Box 82026 , Mombasa , Kenya

Tel:  + 254 (41) 487120

Fax: + 254 (41) 220424


The Seafarers Union Leader can be reached at:

Mr. Abubakar Omar

Secretary General

Seafarers Union of Kenya

P.O.Box 82324 , Mombasa , Kenya

Tel: + 254 722-776968