Friday, February 27, 2004

Work with experts, fishermen challenged


Fishermen in Coast Province have been challenged to take part in campaigns to conserve fisheries and other marine resources by providing guidance to experts involved in sea research.

"We cannot continue to take a back seat and expect outsiders to study and conserve our resources. We have a role to play as the owners of these resources and can provide good guidance to academicians," a marine environmentalist said.

Mr Seif Athman, the secretary general of the Malindi Marine Association, said that for many years fishermen in Malindi and the Coast in general lacked a forum through which they could address their plight.

The damage of fisheries and loss of fishing resources, Mr Shaibu said, could be attributed to failure by fishing communities to take part in research and conservation efforts.

Addressing members of Mwambao Fishermen Association, Mr Shaibu who is researching on the damage brought about by trawling and poor fishing methods, called for inclusion of the fishing community in licensing of fishing vessels.

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