The Indonesian Flagged Cargo Ship MV Jelita was auctioned at the Mombasa High Court on 17th June 2002 at a throwaway price of K.Shs. 12.8 Million instead of K.Shs. 40 Million, which is her value.

The vessel was sold to raise funds for the repatriation of 23 members of Indonesians Crew who were in Mombasa since October 2001 when the Ship was arrested after they raised complaint against the ship owner.

The Crewmembers accused the ship owner of neglecting them by not supplying them with food, ship’s fuel and wages.

Proceeds from the sale of the vessel was also used to pay the ship chandler who have been supplying the ship with the necessities.

The abandoned seafarers were repatriated back to Indonesia in June 2002 with only 60% of their total claim.


The Tanzania flagged fishing vessel is since 2001 under arrest at the port of Mombasa for unpaid wages of Seafarers amounting to US$ 100,000.00, 12 crewmembers of the fishing vessel have already gone home on their own except (3) three crewmembers who are still stranded at the Mombasa port.

The abandoned Seafarers are facing hardships. They are literally starving and are dependent on handouts from sympathizers.

The admiralty cause of the vessel is still pending at the Mombasa High Courts.

All Crewmembers were Tanzanian Nationals.


Ten (10) crewmembers of the Tanzanian Flagged Cargo Ship MV Villie De Sima III were on November 7th 2000 abandoned at the Port of Mombasa.

The ship was arrested in February 2001 to force the owners of vessel to supply food and pay the crewmembers their outstanding dues amounting to US$ 39,160.00.

After a long struggle, the local ship agent paid four (4) crewmembers who were repatriated to their home country of Tanzania in January 2001.

Unfortunately five (5) officers and a cadet officer were not paid anything.

This forced the crewmembers to go back to court for orders to auction the vessel. Where upon the matter was settled on 18th May 2003.

The stranded crewmembers are comprised of 1 Madagascar, 1 Mozambican, 1 Comoroes, 1 Tanzanian and 2 Kenyan Nationals. The Comoroes seaman has gone back to his native country.


Two Korean flagged fishing vessels FV Beira 7 and Beira 9 are under arrest at the Mombasa Port since June this year.

The fishing trawlers were arrested to force the owner pay 21 crew members of the vessels their outstanding dues amounting to over US$ 117,000.00.

Although the crewmembers have been repatriated back to their respective home countries in September and October this year the matter is still pending at the Mombasa High Court.

The crewmembers were comprised of 2 Koreans, 5 Indonesians, 5 Chinese, 8 Vietnamese and a Russian.


Six Georgian Seafarers were held captive by Somali Warlords for seven months before they managed to over power their captors in February 2003 and sail the Korean flagged ship Mt Jenlil towards Yemen.


19 crewmembers of a Korean fishing vessel FV Beira 3 are since 8th June 2003 held captive at Port Kismayo by Somali Warlords.

The captors are demanding US$ 958,000.00 as fishing royalties from the ship owner. The hostages are comprised of 3 Koreans, 9 Indonesians and 9 Kenyans.


Four (4) Seafarers and four (4) divers are since July this year held captive at Port Elmaan some 25Km North of the capital city of Mogadisho.

The hostages who are Ukreanian Nationals are crewmembers of a Kingstown registered cargo ship MV Sea Wind.


Five (5) Kenyan, a Ugandan and two (2) Tanzanian Seafarers are since last October abandoned aboard the Tanzanian registered oil tanker MT Beacon near port Tanga, Tanzania.

The 1,042 GRT oil tanker is anchored near Tanga under mysterious circumstances for she is on the run from the Mozambican police after her master siphoned a 1,000 tons of gas oil and illegally transshipped the cargo into a Korean flagged oil tanker MT Ally.

Andrew Mwangura , Mombasa , Kenya , December 5, 2003