Okinawa Begins Dolphin Hunts AFTER 20 YEARS



Nago, Okinawa hunted dolphins 20 years ago but stopped when the town received bad publicity. The city has started the practice again.

We can stop this again by flooding the Tourism and Culture Office with cancellation notices from international holiday makers, divers, boaters, writers, nature lovers, photographers, fun seekers, honeymooners, etc. Use your imagination. The city is a tourist destination. Please CC the mayor and governor. The addresses are posted below.

Let them know you had planned a visit to Naga City but changed your mind after learning about the dolphin hunt in Naga City. You and your friends won't be coming to Okinawa until the dolphin hunt is abolished. (NGOs please send a more formal letter on your stationary to the mayor and governor)

This campaign is infinitely easier than Taiji and Futo - we can do this folks!

Couple of Facts:

1: Some few fishermen in six boats still possess old licenses to kill dolphins.

2: A few days ago 100 dolphins appeared off Nago Bay and the six boats drove the dolphins into the bay where seven were slaughtered.

3: The killing Quota is: 9 Bottlenose dolphin - 92 Short-finned pilot whales - 20 False killer whales

They are allowed to hunt 121 dolphins in a year.


Mayor Masakazu Nakasone
Mayor 26-1 Nakasone-cho
Okinawa City, Okinawa Pref., Japan 904-8501

Governor Keichi Inamine
1-2-2 Izumizaki
Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan 900-8570

Mario Ginama,
Okinawa Prefecture Tourism and Culture Office
Executive Administrator of Okinawa Tourist Office
1-2-2 Izumizaki,
Naha City, Okinawa Japan

Thank you,

-- ric




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