Recent Dolphin Slaughter

November 5th, 2007 · http://dolphinsmile.org/recent-dolphin-slaughter/


At this time of year Japanese Fishermen are killing dolphins in Japan They chase the dolphins into coastal bays and then slaughter them for their meat while keeping some alive to sell to Aquariums for about $50,000.00 each.


Big business. Right? Because money is what talks in our self absorbed human world. Despite mounting worldwide criticism, the Japanese claim that this has been their tradition for many years, yet it is a tradition based upon the ignorance of the preciousness of the dolphin species.


Dolphins are very intelligent, emotional, aware and have strong social and family bonds. Anybody who has spent time with the cetacean species knows this. Recently Richard O’Barry, actress Hayden Panettiere, author Peter Heller and others put themselves in harms way to try and stop the dolphin butchering in Taji, Japan.


Unfortunately they were unsuccessful but they did bring world attention to this atrocious massacre. I honor these activist, as they are truly heroes standing in harms way to protect the dolphins. If you can stomach reading more about this do a search under dolphin slaughter.

One of the chapters in my book talks about dolphin suffering caused by humans and some solutions. When my Hawaii groups spend time swimming with and observing the wild spinner dolphins all they want to do is love and protect them and all species- including humans. This is a poem that I wrote in 2002 introducing my environmental chapter in my book.

Blood, guts, killing our children.
Caught in your drift nets.
Harmful noises in our head.
Harpoons in our backs.

Bodies full of toxins.
No more fish to eat.
No place to hide.
We take our last breath.

Goodbye my love.

Today I am very sad.





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