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August 19, 2005

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(San Francisco) Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project today announced that "Sealord" brand tuna, canned in New Zealand and sold in New Zealand and Australia, is owned by Nissui (Nippon Suisan Kaisha Ltd.) of Japan. Sealord is not
eligible for Earth Island Institute's Dolphin Safe tuna policy because Nissui markets whale meat in Japan for the controversial, government-sponsored "scientific" whaling in Antarctica and the North Pacific, slaughtering hundreds of whales annually. Japan's Fisheries Agency proposed this summer to increase their whaling effort to catch
more than 1,000 whales annually, including endangered humpback and fin whales.

"We strongly oppose Japan's whaling effort," notes David Phillips, Director of Earth Island Institute. "Sealord Tuna cannot claim to be 'dolphin safe' when its parent company is marketing whale meat."

"Earth Island's Dolphin Safe tuna policy," added Phillips, "does not just address the protection of dolphins. Earth Island's policy also requires companies to refrain from whaling, refrain from killing sea turtles, and refrain from using other fishing practices that harm marine life and their ecosystems."

Consumers are urged to tell the owner or manager of stores that Sealord tuna is owned by one of the Japanese companies (Nissui) promoting the slaughter of whales. They should take it off their shelves and not sell it. Earth Island urges store owners and
managers to remove all Sealord tuna and cease selling it to consumers.

Owners or managers who are interested in selling true Dolphin Safe tuna in their stores, verified by Earth Islands tuna monitoring program, can visit Earth Island's website, which includes listings of more than 300 tuna companies that catch and process tuna without
chasing, netting or harming dolphins:


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