Malaysia to stop encroachment of coastal fishing zones by deep-sea vessels

Date: 25-01-2005

Source: New Stratis Times

Malaysia's Fisheries Department will step-up measures to stop deep-sea fishing vessels from encroaching coastal fishing zones. 

Deputy Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Mohamed Shariff Omar said the Ministry was concerned for the welfare of coastal fishermen who have complained to the ministry on the matter. 

"The department will use more high-speed boats to patrol the fishing zones to ensure that deep-sea fishing vessels do not encroach the coastal zones," he said. 

Shariff said fishing vessels are licensed according to zones and fishing methods. 

He said some fishermen have applied illegal fishing methods that were harmful to the ecosystem and jeopardised the coastal fishermen's catch. 

"The highest number of cases reported are in Perak waters," he said during the official handing over of a high-speed inflatable boat by Dalac Marine Engineering and Services Sdn Bhd to the department.


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