Major US & UK Retailers Linked to Whale Meat Sales in Japan!

Wed, 10 Mar 2004

US retail giant WalMart and the UK's biggest food retailer TESCO
have been intimately linked to the sale of products from Japan's
whale, dolphin and porpoise hunts.  The reports just released
were issued by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIR), the
Humane society, and Greenpeace.

Walmart owns 37% of in Seiyu, Ltd., one of Japan's leading
supermarket chains which is a major distributor of whale, dolphin
and porpoise (cetacean) products. TESCO in the UK own 95% of C
Two-Network stores which it has made part of the 'Tesco Group'.

Both canned and fresh whale meat products are sold in these
outlets.  Much of it comes from Japanese 'scientific whaling
operations in the Antarctic, and from whaling in Japanese waters.

According to the report: "The canned products are sourced from
the Nissui and Kyokuyo whaling companies. These companies own
shares in the whaling fleet used for Japan's self-professed
'scientific' whaling research and sell much of the meat from the
hundreds of minke, Bryde's and sei whales that are killed each
year in the name of science. According to staff working at the
supermarkets, C Two-Network also sells fresh meat from 'toothed
whales', a generic term for dolphins, porpoises, and small whales
hunted in Japan's coastal waters."

"Meat and blubber products from these hunts typically carry
levels of methylmercury or PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) that
exceed government recommended limits, posing a health threat to
the consumer."