Datum: Tue, 27 May 2003 21:26:02 +0100
Von: "Dolphin" <>

From: Martin Gavet
Date: Tuesday, May 27, 2003 20:23:04
To: Dolphin;

Dear All Please take a few minutes to read this e-mail. 

I know you receive many e-mails each day, but I would like you to read the enclosure taken from:  as it is important. This web-site is published by Sea World and Busch Gardens and you will note that among the non-profit organisation partners are: World Wildlife Fund. These theme parks contain captive marine mammals (dolphins and orcas) whose life-expectancy is severely reduced by the stress of their capture, transportation and enclosure. They are denied their fundamental birthright - the freedom of the ocean. Why? Because it is big business for the likes of Sea World (owned by the Anheuser chain which also makes Budweiser). Pepsi is also implicated. Isn't it time that we as consumers voted with our feet? This is why I am writing to you, as I know that you care about what happens to these species. I am a WWF Member myself, and I was recently appalled to learn from correspondence with the WWF-Canada President Monte Hummel that they actually do not object to the Canadian Government's quota of 350,000 seals for this year's cull of harp seals, despite international condemnation at the commercial hunt. This was further endorsed by WWF-UK in a letter to me dated 19 May, 2003 from Hannah Marshall, their Senior Supporter Care Co-ordinator. The population estimate varies from 2-5 million seals and yet WWF believes that a cull of 350,000 seals each year over the next 3 years is sustainable. This despite scientific evidence that the seal cull is not justified (the Canadian Government believes it will help to increase stocks of cod that were practically wiped out off Newfoundland due to unsustainable fisheries). The Canadian Government and WWF ignore this evidence and continue to allow this inhumane slaughter to continue. The Harp Seal has become a scapegoat for our own failings as the human race. The latest discovery is that WWF is supporting the likes of Sea World through endorsement / partnership.
This is why I am writing to you, to urge you please not to visit Sea World, Busch Gardens or any other similar dolphinarium, and to think carefully before supporting WWF, drinking Budweiser or Pepsi, etc. Where is your money going? What is it supporting? Those of you who know me, will know that I care deeply about the preservation of our wildlife both terrestrial and marine. You will also know that I spend most of my voluntary time working to protect these species. As I say, I do not like having to expose the turth behind WWF, but I feel it is important. Incidentally I am writing this as a personal e-mail rather than one connected with work or my conservation commitments. I would also like to ask you if you would consider sending this e-mail to all your contacts and asking them to send it to their
friends, in order that the word can spread. As consumers we can force these organisations to change for the better through concerted action. Please do what you can. Write to WWF today. Further details can be obtained from me on request. 

Thank you,