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Dr.Humberto Frías Agramonte, the Dominican lawyer hired by 
WSPA to represent the community of Bayahibe, the Dominican 
Academy of Science and others, informed that the Dominican 
State has ratified the Cartagena Convention and supported 
petitions before the Senators and legislators asking them to 
dictate resolutions to prevent, alert and reject dolphin capture 
in this country. 

A Committee for the patrimonial protection of dolphins was 
created yesterday at Bayahibe community. As you all recall, 
this was the national park where eight dolphins were captured 
by representatives of a marine show - the so called 
MANATI PARK - in 2002. 

Many organizations and thousands of individuals had protested 
in a global campaign against the illegal capture of these dolphins 
in a marine national park of this country. 

A tourist boycott is still in place against those hotels and tourism 
operators, which continue to co-operate with Manati Parks' 
captured dolphin facility. 

During this week, Dr.Frias and members of the other institutions 
involved, will be visiting the Directors of the main newspapers 
and radio & TV stations in the Dominican Republic. A press 
conference will be held at the Academy of Sciences to inform 
the public about the results of the legal actions presented against 
Manatí Park. 

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Additional reporting from the Dominican Republic 

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